1949 VJ2 Willys Jeepster good looking car but needs detail attention such as wheels and steering wheel and it does not have an overdrive. Body is very nicely restored. chrome untouched which i like very much so you can see its an original car. Gave it to my wife on het 50th birthday! I can tell you she was very pleased!

Now we start on the details First we bought some stuff on ebay and i managed to trade some wheels and the overdrive with all parts like colomn steering knobs etc etc from a friend in France. Also the side curtains. One rim in england and one is coming from the USA. Even some NOS rear light lenses from South Africa!

Turn signal switch Spare tire lock

Fire extinguisher

Top down cover Original deluxe steering wheel in very bad shape Trim rings found one more later Horn button Nos spare wheel cover Hub caps Manuals Gas cap Heater.

And lots more

The steering wheel took quite some time but it urned out pretty nice.


grinding the cracks

Using a 2 component bumper filler.

Sanding down to the correct original shape.

The paint job.

The final result, looks as new again!

May 11 2015

At last the rims and tires are ready well at leats 4 of them, Brand new 670 x 15 Firestones white walls.. they look great !

That looks much better now its a real Jeepster instead of a hotrod.

took the gearbix out broken main shaft!! anyone knows the model??

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