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Contact and Payment

Our stock address is:

Rijneveld 86a 2771XS Boskoop The Netherlands.

Click here for a route description.

Please send mail and packedges to:

Julianastraat 12 2771 DX Boskoop, The Netherlands.


Phone: **31(0)629284368

E-Mail: g503@eaglejeepparts.nl

Payment Details

Prices are in euro´ s unless agreed otherwise. If payment is made in other currency than euro's we use the on-line currency converter  here

there are the following methods of payment:

Use Paypal®

Click the paypal® logo below and make payment to g503@eaglejeepparts.nl....fees are normally 4.5%.(sorry can't help it) unless agreed otherwise.

paypal logo

Direct banktransfer

to ABN AMRO Bank ,Zijde 19, 2771 EJ Boskoop..or to ABN AMSTERDAM To benefit of "EAGLE " Jeep Parts, Julianastraat 12, 2771 DX Boskoop accountnumber 414953630, BIC code: ABNANL2A, IBAN(swiftcode): NL07ABNA0414953630 this will need an extra 19,00 euro's when outside europe.(sorry bankrules) with larger order this will be reviewed.(please ask)

Cheque or international money-order

Takes an extra 16,00 euro (20,00 USD)to cover bank-fees (sorry not my idea) and allow 2 weeks to clear. click the logo below for bidpay and pay to "EAGLE" Jeep Parts/A.W. du Bois, Julianastraat 12, 2771 DX Boskoop, The Netherlands, E-mail g503@eaglejeepparts.nl


In a letter marked "Pictures do not bend" or registered (all at your risk)This will only be best for small cash amounts.


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